March 25, 2018

The Beach Club Bahamas

The Beach Club Bahamas is our latest resort development project. It is located on one of the most beautiful “Out Islands” of the Bahamas – Long Island.

Long Island is an island in the Bahamas that is split by the Tropic of Cancer. Its capital is Clarence Town. Long Island is one of the Districts of the Bahamas and is known as the most scenic island in the Bahamas. The population is 3,094 inhabitants.

Long Island is beautiful, relaxing and scenic.

Long Island is about 80 miles long and 4 miles wide at its widest point. It is situated about 165 miles southeast of the Bahamian capital of Nassau.

The northeast side of Long Island is noted for its steep rocky headlands, while the southwest coast is noted for its broad white beaches with soft sand. The terrain ranges widely throughout the island, including white flat expanses from which salt is extracted, swamplands, beaches, and sloping (in the north) and low (in the south) hills.

Long Island is particularly noted for its caves, which have played a major role in the island’s history. Dean’s Blue Hole, located west of Clarence Town, is the world’s second deepest underwater sinkhole, dropping to a depth of about 200 meters, making it more than double the depth of most other large holes.

Long Island is surrounded by small bays and inlets, including the large New Found Harbour west of Deadman’s Cay, at approximately the midsection of the island. There are also smaller islands off-shore, including Sandy Cay.

Mangrove Bush (pop. 142) is the home of the island’s boat-building trade, while Hamilton’s (pop. 196) is noted for its extensive cave system that is partially open for tours. Salt Pond (pop. 98) is home of the Long Island Regatta, an annual event that draws tourists from around the world.

Tourist opportunities include sailing, fishing, scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling and relaxing on beaches. Cape Santa Maria Beach, located at Stella Maris, is frequently ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In recent years, competitive free-divers have sought out Dean’s Blue Hole as a unique dive site, hosting both world records (most notably by New Zealander William Trubridge) and one world championship (in 2009). Most tourists charter an airplane or take a commercial flight from Exuma International Airport at George Town, Exuma or Nassau.